Board of Directors

The committed individuals who serve on the Board of Directors and as the Town Team Chairs are the driving force behind the Trail. With no paid staff, the Board is completely responsible for galvanizing the community’s enthusiastic support and implementing the vision of Shoreline Greenway Trail, working in partnership with local government officials of each of the four member towns, as well as state and federal representatives. 


Judy Miller, chair

Ginny Raff, vice chair

Corin Cunningham, secretary

Brad Kronstadt, treasurer


Chip Angle

Corin Cunningham

Barbara Esposito

Glenn Gaffield

Peter Hawes, outreach team co-chair

Brad Kronstadt

Joe Marshall

John Paulson, trail development team chair


Judy Miller, town chair

Chet Blomquist

Josephine Zaehringer, outreach team chair


Barbara Brow, town chair

Mike Gambardella

Mary Jane Toomey


Kimberly Schmid, town chair

Kristen D’Souza

Pam Bisbee Simonds


Virginia Raff, town chair

Daniel Goddard

Patty McKeon

 Board of Directors Duties

  • Developing and adopting policies relating to landowner agreements and trail development;
  • Adopting standards for consistent and quality trail building and maintenance that honor its environmental principles;
  • Initiating various fundraising strategies to raise private donations, and to secure local, state and federal funds;
  • Serving as a clearinghouse for the activities of each of the four Town Teams, to assure they all hold to the same standards, that their work is coordinated, and that all trail route plans will interconnect and meet established criteria.

Securing landowner approval is fundamental to trail building. Our many thanks go out to those landowners who have already helped to create what will be a lasting legacy for the generations that follow.

 Board Teams

Shoreline Greenway Trail has four active Board Teams to oversee the coordinating and administrative tasks of the entire organization, separate from the specific work done by each of the four Town Teams with outreach and trail development.

Finance Team – Oversees use of our funds and accountability of our records.

Fundraising Team – Raises funds, including membership, major gifts and foundation, corporate, state and federal grants.

Outreach Team – Promotes the Trail concept to the public through events, presentations, our website and the press; oversees messaging consistency; develops print and other materials, including Trail signage.

Trail Development Team – Develops the Trail route and secures landowner approvals; oversees construction and maintenance of the trails through each Town Team; recommends environmental policies and standards for trail building and maintenance standards to the Board.

Any interested SGT member with relevant skills and experience may volunteer to serve on a Board team. Find out how

Town Teams

In each of the Towns Along the Trail (East Haven, Branford, Guilford and Madison), a grassroots Town Team made up of dedicated town residents is responsible for planning and implementing all the work necessary to identify and develop its town’s own trail sections.

Two resident directors (one is the chair)  and an alternate represent each Town Team on the Board to assure that each town coordinates its activities with the other towns and the overall organization. These eight Town Team resident directors constitute a majority on the Board and are chosen by their Town Team members at the SGT annual meeting in the spring.

Attend the monthly Town Team meeting in your town and get involved. If you live in one of the surrounding towns, attend a meeting in one of the four Shoreline Greenway towns nearest to you.

Shoreline Greenway Trail Map

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