Route 1 Guilford SGT Section Back in Town’s Hands

The Guilford Board of Selectmen voted on Tuesday, January 17, not to support the proposed design for a three-quarter-mile section of the Shoreline Greenway Trail from the Madison line to Boston Street. The issue now rests with the town to consider alternate designs for the Route 1 project on the east side of Guilford. No timeline has been set for a next step.
             In the meantime, we’re going to continue advocating for safer and better facilities for bicyclists, pedestrians and others who use non-motorized transportation in Guilford and throughout the Shoreline—including off-road trail where appropriate. We look forward to contributing our expertise and our effort to a constructive solution that’s right for the people of Guilford.

Public Hearing Over, Route 1 Guilford Trail Section Heads Back to Board of Selectmen


In an interview, Guilford Town Engineer James Portley explains the Route 1 trail section in this screen shot from NBC Connecticut.

portleySeveral hundred people packed the Community Center in Guilford on Tuesday night for a spirited and civil public hearing on the proposed, ¾-mile-long Route 1 stretch of Shoreline Greenway Trail. The section would run from Boston Street to the Madison line, where it could eventually connect with a section under development on the west side of Madison. It would serve primarily eastern Guilford and provide safe, off-road walking, biking and wheelchair travel for everyone alongside a dangerous stretch of Route 1.

The proposal is before the Guilford Board of Selectmen, who heard nearly three hours of comments from supporters and opponents. Several members of the SGT board spoke, as did SGT members, neighbors of the proposed trail and other Guilford residents. They made a strong case for the section and its benefits in safety, public health, clean air, economic vitality, quality of life and safe, active-travel connections between key destinations in Guilford and Madison.

Opponents appeared most concerned with future sections of trail, especially along Route 146 on the west side of Guilford, where no trail is currently planned. SGT’s Kimberly Schmid proposed that selectmen form a town-led committee to explore solutions to bike and pedestrian safety on 146, involving residents of the west side of town, the town engineer and representatives of bike- and pedestrian-interests, including Shoreline Greenway Trail.

The hearing broke up after 11 p.m., with selectmen making no announcement about when they plan to vote on the proposal. Here are links to some of the news coverage the hearing received:

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Stay tuned for updates on this project.

Guilford’s Whitfield Street to Get Shared Lane Markings

img_7151A $4,000 grant from The Guilford Foundation will enable the installation of shared lane markings on Guilford’s Whitfield Street between the town center and the harbor. Twenty reflective white markings, each depicting the outline of a bicycle with an arrow pointing in the direction of travel, will be painted in both directions on the roadbed from the Eagle Hose Company #2 firehouse south to the town marina.

The painting of the markings, facilitated by Shoreline Greenway Trail in partnership with the Town of Guilford, is among the ways the entities are working cooperatively to improve bicycle safety in Guilford. Their efforts also include the proposed stretch of multiuse, off-road trail beside Route 1 between Boston Street and the Madison line, which is before the Guilford Board of Selectmen for approval.

Whitfield Street is a heavily traveled cycling route between downtown Guilford and popular destinations such as the Shoreline East train station, the Guilford Yacht Club, several residential neighborhoods, Jacobs beach, the marina and restaurants. Whitfield Street was too narrow for a dedicated bike lane, and lane markings were the next-best solution, according to Shoreline Greenway Trail’s Kimberly Schmid.

“Painting shared lane markings on Whitfield Street is a small but important step in raising community awareness of the need to share the road while creating a more welcoming environment for cyclists,” she said. “Placing signage on the pavement increases the likelihood that drivers will be more careful and that bicyclists will safely ride with the flow of traffic. We appreciate the Guilford Foundation’s generosity and support of this commitment to public safety.”

The Guilford Foundation’s grant will cover the entire cost of the markings plus a kiosk on town land at the marina, showing a map for on-road cycling on Whitfield, Water and Boston Streets plus the future Route 1 Shoreline Greenway Trail section. Schmid expects the markings to be applied before winter.

For more information, contact Kimberly Schmid at

An Open Letter to Guilford Friends and Neighbors

img_6849Shoreline Greenway Trail supports the proposal to build a 7/10-mile, off-road bike and pedestrian trail on state property beside Route 1 between the East River Bridge and Boston Street. Questions have been raised about the project, and we’d like to clear up any misunderstandings. As members of Shoreline Greenway Trail’s Guilford team, we are your neighbors. We want to work openly and collaboratively with the community to make Guilford a safer and more bike-, pedestrian- and wheelchair-friendly place. Here are some things we think you should know:

The proposed Route 1 section is an ideal opportunity that could be lost.

This section of trail will allow Guilford residents and visitors to more safely walk, run, bike or travel by wheelchair between eastern Guilford near the Madison line and the Calvin Leete School, the center of town, the fairgrounds, the harbor and beyond. It will contribute positively to safety, public health, air quality, economic vitality and quality of life in Guilford for generations.

The proposed section will be built completely off-road adjacent to Route 1, on state-owned right-of-way. The project is fully funded with state and federal grants, requiring no town money. Most approvals are in place. Maintenance costs to the town will be near zero, since the attractive, pink Stony Creek granite hard surface will have a decades-long life span, no snow will be removed and Shoreline Greenway Trail volunteers will perform routine maintenance.

There are some in Guilford who seek to delay construction of the Route 1 section until an entire route of a Shoreline Greenway Trail in Guilford has been mapped, designed and approved. The proposed section is a worthy project on its own merits and shouldn’t be confused with or folded into consideration of possible future projects elsewhere in town.

Because of deadlines on the state and federal funds that will pay for construction, any significant delay in approval of this trail section will put the project at risk, as those funds could be reallocated to benefit some other town. We must go forward now.


We are committed to bike and pedestrian safety and mobility. We do not want to build a trail where it is inappropriate.

Shoreline Greenway Trail has been working openly with the town, landowners and neighbors with the goal of improving bike and pedestrian safety and access for all members of the community: kids, adults, seniors, walkers, runners, cyclists, dog walkers, wheelchair users where possible, parents with strollers and others.

In the beginning, our focus was on a continuous trail between Madison and New Haven. We have evolved along with community needs, desires and expectations, with government priorities and public funding challenges. The solution to safe and accessible walking and biking will likely involve a combination of approaches and perhaps not a single, continuous trail. In Guilford, our conversations with landowners have shown that building a continuous, off-road trail across town may be an impossibility—and that’s OK. Our priority is to be catalysts for safer and better facilities for users of non-motorized transportation in harmony with what Guilford residents want.

Segments of trail such as the one appreciated by so many Shoreline residents at Hammonasset Beach State Park are part of the solution. So, too, are bike lanes, traffic calming measures and other things that safely connect key neighborhoods, the town center, schools, the harbor, bus stops and train stations, ball fields and other recreational and commercial destinations.


There is no plan for a Shoreline Greenway Trail in Guilford beyond the Route 1 section—for good reason.

There is no secret, master plan or settled route for a Shoreline Greenway Trail through Guilford. Because there is no abandoned rail line on which to build, bike and pedestrian improvements, including off-road trail sections, can only be made incrementally over time. We are advocating for these in partnership with the community—working with neighbors and the town to co-develop solutions and to support the town’s implementation of them only after listening to and addressing residents’ concerns and gaining their approval. This is how the Route 1 project arrived at this point.

We have spent years exploring possible paths, talking informally and privately with property owners about access. The South Central Regional Council of Governments commissioned a preliminary study to explore hypothetical routes. Neither the preliminary study nor these conversations represent plans for future trail sections. Shoreline Greenway Trail has been aboveboard, respected residents’ concerns and landowners’ privacy, and openly followed all town, state and federal procedures.

We welcome the input of everyone and are eager to hear your constructive ideas about how to make Guilford more pedestrian-, bike- and wheelchair-friendly.


We do not support eminent domain.

As we have continuously demonstrated in our conversations with landowners and the town, we are community-minded people who understand concerns about setbacks, privacy, property rights and property values. We have not supported and do not support the use of eminent domain for building any trail.


We urge you to support the proposal for the Shoreline Greenway Trail section on Route 1. After years of effort, this trail section is ready to build—and with Board of Selectmen approval, Planning & Zoning signoff and a final state review, it will be ready to put out to bid.

If you believe that Guilford needs the kind of safe pedestrian and bicycling environment provided in part by this Route 1 project, please come out and express your support at a public hearing scheduled for Tuesday, Nov. 1, at 7:30 p.m. at the Guilford Community Center.

Sign our online petition at Show your support on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and other social media platforms, using #bikesafeguilford. Send an email to the Board of Selectmen at and request that they vote Yes to building the Route 1 trail section without delay. Contact us at if you have questions.

Thank you for your support. Together, we can make Guilford a more bike-, pedestrian- and wheelchair-friendly place.