Trail FAQs


What is Shoreline Greenway Trail?

The Shoreline Greenway Trail (SGT) will be multi-use path for bicyclists, walkers, runners and people of all ages who love the outdoors, stretching along the scenic Connecticut Shoreline between New Haven and Madison.

Where will the Trail go?

From New Haven through East Haven, Branford, Guilford, and Madison to Hammonasset Beach State Park — a distance of approximately 25 miles.

What will the Trail connect to?

At the western-most Shoreline Greenway Trail trailhead in Lighthouse Point Park, it will connect to the proposed New Haven Harborside Trail that will connect to the Farmington Canal Trail, which will eventually be part of the East Coast Greenway running from Maine to Florida. In Guilford, Shoreline Greenway Trail will connect to the 200-mile north-south New England Trail for hiking that originates in New Hampshire and passes through Massachusetts and Connecticut.

Who can use the Trail?

Anyone and everyone. People of all ages and abilities. Motorized vehicles will not be allowed on the Trail, with the exception of motorized wheelchairs which we hope to accommodate on most of the Trail. We are making every effort to ensure that our Trail is easy to use.

How is the Trail being built and maintained?

Surface Shoreline Greenway Trail

Section-by-section with varied surfaces appropriate to the terrain, surroundings, and land owners’ requests. Our Green Team volunteers help build and keep the trail clear and picked up on a regular basis, guided by our Trail Maintenance Program and Environmental Principles.  Volunteer stewards continually check the conditions of the Trail.

How is the Trail being funded?

This is a large, long-term project. We continuously apply for local, state and federal grants, and are pleased to accept contributions from corporations, foundations and service clubs. But the backbone of our funding is individual contributions. Without them, none of the larger grants would be possible – and you can help.

How does the Trail impact the environment?

Every aspect of the Trail will be environmentally sensitive including low-impact construction, natural materials, removal of invasive species, and constant maintenance. It will serve as a showcase for environmental education. Please refer to our Environmental Principles for more information about how we approach responsible trail design/maintenance and landowner preferences.

Does Shoreline Greenway Trail support eminent domain? 

Shoreline Greenway Trail, Inc., as an organization made up of community-minded people, has not and does not support the use of eminent domain for building the Shoreline Greenway Trail.

How is the Landowner’s easement protected?

Landowners are protected from any liability by Connecticut General Statute 52-557h along a trail through their land that is open to the public for recreational use. In addition, Shoreline Greenway Trail carries liability insurance.

What happens to a Landowner’s property value?

Many studies have shown that trail-front property values increase after the trail is built.

Bike Shoreline Greenway Trail

Is the Trail safe?

Rails-To-Trails Conservancy studied crime rates on 372 trails in 1995 and 1996 and concluded that trails do not increase crime.  On suburban trails, major crime was virtually non-existent.

Is another Trail in the area necessary?

There are hundreds of miles of walking trails throughout our four shoreline towns, but there are NO safe-from-traffic, off-road trails for recreational bicyclists of all ages – and no trails connect through four shoreline communities!

What are the benefits of The Trail?

Shoreline Greenway Trail will be an enviable local and state resource in many obvious, and many unexpected ways:

  • Preserve and enhance the livability of the area
  • Provide an amazing local outdoor resource for people of all ages to use for exercise and enjoymen
  • Improve safe options for bicycling along the shoreline by providing off-road paths for recreational bikers, almost non-existent heretofore
  • Enable families and their children to bike together
  • Encourage seniors to stay fit by walking or biking the Trail
  • Create an environment of serenity
  • Educate users about their natural surroundings, historical points of interest
  • Connect people, creating a more friendly shoreline community
  • Link to village centers so that people can use their feet, instead of cars, to go to shops, restaurants and to local services easily, all the while improving their fitness,
  • Link to public schools near the Trail for young people to traverse to school or town for healthy recreation
  • Reduce car pollution by linking to commuter rail stations, schools, local work and shopping
  • Link to parks and other local trail,Branford Shoreline Greenway Trail
  • Connect communities, making them more economically sound
  • Attract visitors to Town, good for local businesses

SGT is a Win-Win

. . . . . for you,                                         . . . . . . your family,                                 . . . . . . . our communities                       . . . . . . . . . and the region!



Award of Excellence in Regional Planning – South Central Regional Council of Governments (SCRCOG)

Excellence Award – Connecticut Greenways Council

Recognition Award from the National Park Services’ Rivers, Trails and Conservation Assistance Program

Shoreline Greenway Trail Map

If you have any questions, please contact us.