Branford April 2012

April 5, 2012

Incorporated 1685 / population 29089 (as of 2005), Branford is thirteen miles east of New Haven and the second town along the Shoreline Greenway trail as it makes its way to Hammonasset. The plan is for Branford to have 8.9 miles of trail designated as Shoreline Greenway.

Happenings this month

On April 24
Branford Team co-chairs Chet Blomquist and Judy Miller will join Branford’s  third grade classes for a tour of the Greenway Trail in Branford. This year teachers are focusing on how Branford volunteers are working to improve the environment. Students will experience an introduction to the trail and its importance to public access and appreciation of open space through a short walk along the Stony Creek Trolley Trail. They will also be visiting the Branford Land Trust’s Vedder property, where a BLT guide will talk with them about ospreys, explaining the key role of the osprey nesting areas constructed by the BLT to their preservation as a species. The students will then go on to the Branford Supply Ponds for a full day of appreciating the great outdoors and the role it plays in a healthy community.

On April 28 – The Branford Land Trust and the town of Branford are joining together for a Branford River Clean-up.  Come join us and be part of this effort!  Meet at Town Hall on the Branford Green at 9am – you will see Shoreline Greenway Trail members there in our green shirts.

Zanes Big Wheel event


We would like to thank Zanes for allowing us to be part of their Big Wheel event on 3/31 and 4/1.  We got to meet many people and share the vision of the Shoreline Greenway Trail, encouraging them to be part of the dream!


Profile of the Month

This month we are initiating a new series to profile volunteers from Branford who are helping to make the Shoreline Greenway Trail a reality.

Pete Peterson


Pete Peterson, Trail Development Leader for Branford, sits on the back of his truck enjoying a well deserved rest from his trail work.  Pete has been on Branford’s SGT team almost from its inception.  Chet Blomquist asked him for help in getting the trail through Short Beach, where Pete lives, and he hasn’t stopped since. Pete was born in Short Beach, where he married his wife Eva and brought up a family of three children, one of whom, Jane Peterson Bouley, serves as Branford’s Town Historian.  Pete’s background is especially helpful to the Branford team; he was a contractor for many years, building and remodeling many homes in Branford and the surrounding area.  Branford SGT is fortunate to have this dedicated worker bringing his long experience to development of the Branford section of the Greenway Trail.




Trail Information Update

To date the following sections of Branford’s trail has been owner approved, and much of it is open to the public, though not SGT trail ready:

  • 3600 ft – Tabor Property Drive to Pine Orchard Road
  • 2400 ft – Pine Orchard Road to Young’s Pond Park
  • 2100 ft – Young’s Pond Park to Blackstone Ave. (Rte. 146)
  • 2000 ft – 146 Totoket Rd to Tilcon Drive
  • 1000 ft – Tilcon Drive to Tilcon Parking Lot (next to RR tracks)
  • 4224 ft – Tilcon Parking Lot to Stony Creek


There are many, many important tasks associated with the Shoreline Greenway Trail, which include:

  • Building and maintaining trails
  • Raising funds
  • Increasing SGT membership
  • Publicity
  • Government Liaison
  • Fiscal work
  • Identifying and tagging trees along the trail.

If you would like to volunteer, call Cochair Judith Miller at 203-481-3870 or click the Volunteer tab of this website.

We’d love to have you on board!

Branford Team Meetings

All those who wish to promote the trail in Branford are welcome to join us at 7:00 p.m. on the 3rd Wednesday of each month at the Community House on the corner of Church and Prospect.

Branford Team Contact Information

Co Chairs: Chet Blomquist (203-488-5640; and Judy Miller (203-481-3870;

Trail Development: Jack Wood ( and Pete Peterson (

Web manager and publicity: Jo Zaehringer (

Grants and Project Manager: Peg Stamp (

Local Points of Interest / Other Links

Branford Hikers – Geoffrey Smith 203-215-1175;

Branford Land Trust – 26 School St., Branford 203-483-5263

James Blackstone Library – 758 Main St., Branford 203-488-1441