January 4, 2014 – First Saturday Walk in Branford

by Jo
January 7, 2014

On Saturday, January 4, a group of intrepid walkers braved single digit temperatures to meet at the Tabor Lutheran Church parking lot for our Branford Shoreline Greenway Trail First Saturday Walk through the Tabor property. Our courage was rewarded with a beautiful winter walk and bright sunlight sparkling on the newly fallen snow.  We spotted lots of animals: a hawk sitting on a high branch facing the sun, a small vole tunneling a path below the snow, signs of wild turkey and deer and, of course, the ever present sparrows in the thick bushes. Chet Blomquist led us along the pond that bears his name, describing how SGT hopes to build trail there. At the eastern end of the Tabor Greenway Trail we turned west to walk back along the dirt road that cuts through the Tabor property.  Chet pointed out the landfill and told us about the wonderful views from the top.  However, because of the snow, we had to take his word and save the hike up until another time.
Special thanks to the brave souls who came out for the walk -Trudy Kiaunis, Kelley and Bill Fryer, Lou DeLuca, Janet Battista, Peter Herman, Michael Stitelman, Louise LaMontagne, Idrian Resnick,  Sarah Greene (on skis), who joined us for a while with her children Jena and Wesley and their dog Attie, to Chet for leading us on our adventure and to SGT members Judy Miller, Peg Stamp and Dave Stamp who helped lead the walk.