First Saturday Walk in Branford

by Dan Buckley

August 6, 2014

On Saturday, July 26th, a work party consisting of Chet Blomquist, Tony Corso, Leo Cristofar and Judy Miller cleaned up the temporary trail at the Hearth at Gardenside in preparation for our First Saturday walk on August 2nd.  We were pleased to find that the trail was in relatively good shape, except for some downed trees, which Tony quickly disposed of with his chain saw.  Thank you, Tony!

Unfortunately, the weather on August 2nd was not cooperative.  A gentle but steady  summer rain fell from early morning on., calling the walk into question. Still, two intrepid walkers,  Johanna Epperson of New Haven and Eileen Waldron of East Haven,  showed up, and Chet and Judy took them on a rather wet and drippy walk to the promontory overlooking the Farm River estuary.  The osprey nests didn’t show much activity, but we watched a family of four with umbrellas walking along the Shoreline Trolley Line tracks toward Short Beach and a lone fisherman who wasn’t having much luck. The rain gradually slowed down and,  as the photo indicates, our small group had a wet but happy time walking the trail!

Branford FSW Aug


Photo from left to right:  Eileen Waldron, Johanna Epperson, Chet Blomquist.