Guilford Veterinarian led a Dog Walk on our Trail in November

by Dan Buckley

January 20, 2016

By Estelle Anderson, Grade 6, NY, NY

It was the perfect day on Saturday, November 21st for a walk on the Shoreline Greenway Trail at Hammonasset Beach.  The air was cool and crisp, the tall trees swayed back and the forth, and the ocean was as calm as ever.  But this was not just any walk.  Our tour was led by the wonderful Dr. Chelsea Anderson, a veterinarian at the Guilford Veterinary Hospital, and my own cousin!

Maggie, a  black lab, Jessie, a yellow lab, Georgia, a Chihuahua, and Bella, Chelsea’s labradoodle, joined us on our 2-mile walk to the end of Trail’s peninsula and back. Dr. Anderson talked with the other dog owners as they moved along at a fast pace, the dogs leading the way. This was good, because she told me that dogs need to exercise daily!

A few kids walking the trail with their parents were delighted to meet our dogs, and of course the dogs were happy with all the attention. And we met a Shoreline Greenway Trail volunteer who was working on the short bridge along the unfinished section of the trail..  It will be the exit for the Trail onto a nearby road.

What a great morning in the country before I went back to New York where I live….with my two pet cats!(editor’s note:  we have some wonderful photos from this dog walk but at this time are unable to upload them.  We will try to post them on our website later)