Branford Volunteer Cleans up Nature’s Garden.

July 5, 2016
Branford Nature's Garden before Clean-up

Nature’s Garden before Clean-up

Our thanks go to Branford volunteer, Jamie Dean, for cleaning up Nature’s Garden!

In Branford, there is an area known as Nature’s Garden that is adjacent to the Shoreline Greenway Trail between Pine Orchard Road and Birch Road.  This outdoor environmental study habitat was organized by dozens of volunteers, and aided by donations from Branford businesses, in 1997.  Since then, it has fallen into disrepair.

Enter Jamie Dean, a local landscaper who volunteered his skills, his equipment, and many hours of his time to start the process of reclaiming this wonderful asset to Branford’s school system.

Branford Nature's Garden After Clean-up

Nature’s Garden After Clean-up

The before and after photos tell the whole story.  Jamie rescued native trees and shrubs, originally planted to illustrate tree fruits and berries that feed birds in the autumn, from the invasive species that were killing them, such as multiflora roses.  He also reclaimed a nearby area next to the trail.

The Shoreline Greenway Trail hopes to restore this valuable educational resource as a National Wildlife Habitat,  so that it will be available for Branford’s schoolchildren.  Thank you, Jamie!