Good News in Branford

October 15, 2016

Good news!  The preliminary design plan for the Shoreline Greenway Trail on the Tabor property, known as Segment B-3,  has been approved by the Department of Transportation, and the Town of Branford will hold a Public Hearing to present the design to the public for comment

Wednesday, October 19th, 2016 at 7:00 p.m.              

                              Fire Headquarters meeting Room at 45 North Main Street 

Shoreline  Greenway Trail is excited that this project is moving forward.  Using state and federal funding, this off-road walking and biking  trail  will connect Tabor Drive to Pine Orchard Road along a beautiful wooded area that includes Chet’s Pond.  Crossing Pine Orchard Road, the trail will connect to the Pine Orchard Birch Road section of the Shoreline Greenway Trail.  These trail sections will be one of the few in the town of Branford  that provide handicapped access to nature.

Work Party 1 (3)For many years now, Shoreline  Greenway Trail volunteers have worked to maintain  a temporary trail that has been used  for our First Saturday Walks and for the students at the Walsh Middle School  to enjoy this beautiful setting.  And now that the Town’s Ecology Park is nearby, along with the FSW BranfordBranford Trail and Branford Land Trust property, the new trail will provide further access to a wonderful wilderness area within walking and biking distance of the Branford town center. This setting is virtually  unique along the Shoreline. Branford residents can be proud of it.

Our thanks to the Town of Branford and especially to Janice Plaziak, Town Engineer, who has spent valuable time working with the state and Shoreline  Greenway Trail to bring about this outcome.

We  encourage you to attend this meeting so that you can see the design plan and ask any questions you may have. It is your support and encouragement that  has brought us all to this exciting point.