In Memoriam, Pete Peterson

April 29, 2017



Shoreline Greenway Trail is sad to learn of the passing of our friend Pete Peterson on March 28th.
Pete was a founder of the Shoreline Greenway Trail, indispensable to the Branford team and a Branford Town representative to the Shoreline Greenway Trail Board of Directors. He was unstinting in
his support of the Trail, building a beautiful donation box that is still used, making a design for improving the Stony Creek Trolley trail iron bridge, and installing tree label markers. He was instrumental in building and maintaining sections of the Shoreline Greenway Trail between Pine Orchard and Birch Road and along
Tilcon Drive.
But the most lasting tribute to his work lies in the kiosks, benches, and bridges that Pete both designed and built along the Greenway Trail. The kiosks were all built with the help of Branford Boy Scouts as part of Eagle Scout projects, and his design continues to be consulted to this day; it was recently used in
building the Shoreline Greenway Trail kiosk at the Stony Creek Brewery.
So the next time you sit on a bench at the overlook to the Stony Creek marshes or look at the maps and pick up a walk card at one of the Shoreline Greenway Trail kiosks, take a moment to think of
Pete Peterson and be grateful for his work. We all miss him.