Guilford Safe Streets Task Force

October 30, 2019
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Letter to Guilford SGT Supporters

Dear Guilford Supporters of Shoreline Greenway Trail:  

We have been very patient since the fall of 2016 when our proposed Route One trail was rejected by the Town selectmen.  It has been difficult to accept, but we must move on. 

Yet a recent near-fatal bike accident tests our patience and vividly reminds us of our important mission.  On September 22, a Guilford bicyclist and dedicated member of SGT was severely injured crossing Route One near the intersection of Boston Street, the very place where our safe trail would have been, preventing this accident.

What ways can we actively continue to strive for safe biking options in Guilford? A first step is to follow the work of the new Safe Streets Task Force and give them any of your suggestions. 

The Safe Streets Task Force was formed by First Selectman Matt Hoey this summer, with Sam Gerritz as chair.  Sam has been a supporter of Shoreline Greenway Trail.  He is committed to leading the Task Force with the charge to consider how to make Guilford streets safer for users, pedestrians and bicyclists, and in keeping with Guilford’s historic character.  

You can read their minutes on the Town website:  Click ‘Agenda Center’, then click ‘Safe Streets Task Force’ to select the minutes. You can also attend one of their meetings, held the second Thursday of the month at 7pm at the Guilford Community Center, in the Faulkner room.  

Meanwhile we are reorganizing our team in Guilford, and welcome your involvement. We will send an email about this later this fall.  

Thank you for your continued support!

Guilford Team, Shoreline Greenway Trail

Contact: Pam Simonds, 203-453-2271,