Guilford Complete Streets Public Workshop and Walking Tour

April 20, 2021

Dear Dedicated Guilford Supporters  – 

Thank you so much for having supported our Shoreline Greenway Trail vision through thick and thin over the years in Guilford!  Now we are reaching out to you again, specifically to ask you to get involved right now, with the important Guilford Safe Streets mapping project in Guilford.

Our SGT activity in Guilford has basically been “on hold” since we lost the proposed Route 1 trail section four years ago.  Then the town selectmen created the Safe Streets Task Force with the charge to develop strategies for safer walking and biking in Guilford by engaging the public, which they are now doing with the Schmidt Design Group. 

You can contribute to this effort with your voice – by commenting on their Interactive Community Map on the Guilford Safe Streets website.  

EACH OF YOU, all our supporters, please go to  to add information and comments onto their “Interactive Community Map”,  which you access by selecting the link  “Complete Streets Project” on their home page.  Then, sign in, and select “About  & Help” tab for “Instructions” to use the map.

This is our chance to advocate for safer biking in specific areas that you are familiar with.

Speak up RIGHT NOW with your opinions and observations about safe walking and biking  – and unsafe walking and biking – in Guilford. 

Also, Safe Streets’ Schmidt Design Group is holding two important public Zoom meetings next week:    SIGN UP!  

Complete Streets Virtual Public Workshops

             Tuesday April 27, Wednesday April 28, and Thursday April 29 from 6PM – 8PM 

If you have any questions, or would like to be more involved with our Guilford SGT Team, please contact us. Thanks so much, 

Pam and Brad

Pam Bisbee Simonds and Brad Kronstat

Guilford SGT Team members, SGT Board of Directors members

Pam –   203-453-2271    

Brad – 203-815-0947