Shoreline Greenway Trail adds new temporary Trail Census counters!!

August 11, 2023
The Shoreline Greenway Trail team has taken an impressive step by installing temporary census counters in East Haven and Branford. Sponsored by UConn’s Connecticut Trail Census program, Aaron and Adelheid from their staff managed both logistics and physical installation. Working alongside Barbara, Judy, Dan, and Claire, they successfully placed the counters near the Branford Trolley Bridge and the East Haven trailhead by the former D.C. Moore School. This initiative’s goal is to collect data on SGT trail usage and community engagement. The insights gained will directly influence decision-making, resource allocation, and enhancement strategies. Shoreline Greenway Trail is one of the first trail organizations to participate in this new program.  Thank you, Aaron and Adelheid!

To learn more about the Connecticut Trail Census program, please visit

(article by C.Corwin, Shoreline Greenway Trail intern and Temporary Trail Counter program lead)

(photo: B.Danley)