Scout Project Ideas
The Shoreline Greenway Trail provides many construction, environmental and research opportunities appropriate for earning advanced Scouting status, such as Eagle Scout and Girl Scout Gold awards. Contact our Outreach team, and we’ll be sure to put you in touch with the right person.

Build Trailhead Signs, Kiosks and Benches (All towns)

Signs and kiosks at Shoreline Greenway Trail trailheads and intersections display maps, inform users of trail etiquette, recognize donors and volunteers, and give notice of trail changes, closures and other news. We’ll provide the content if enterprising Scouts will build the signs.

Clear and Maintain Trail (All towns)

The trails need to be as free as possible of weeds and debris, and surfaces need to be raked and restored from time to time. Be part of our Green Team.

Planting (All towns)

Various places along the trail need to be planted with native, easily maintained species to make them more attractive and to provide bird and wildlife habitat—particularly in place of invasive species, which volunteers regularly remove.

Mixing cement

Identify and Label Trees (Branford)

Identify native trees and shrubs and, where appropriate, create and install labels for them.

Birdwatching Projects (Branford and Madison)

A Scout who is also a bird enthusiast may enjoy researching the types of birds that can be seen along the trail, and designing, building and installing interpretive signs, as well as benches in places where the birdwatching is excellent.

Conduct Historical Research (All towns)

The trail passes near or through many areas important historical events took place. We’d love someone to research those events and create appropriate signage.

Create Educational Signage for Rain Garden (Madison)

The Shoreline Greenway Trail parking lot at Hammonasset Beach State Park in Madison is designed to be environmentally sensitive, with a rain garden to catch runoff. We are looking for a Scout to research, design and install a sign that explains what a water garden is and why it’s beneficial. Our volunteers can guide research and development.

Create Interpretive Signage and Bench Overlooking Salt Marsh (Madison)

We need someone to design, build and install an interpretive sign about the importance of the salt marsh, what lives there and how it affects the environment. A bench at the same location would give people an ideal place to relax and contemplate a beautiful view of one of our most precious natural resources.

Help Us Measure Trail Usage & Demand (All towns)

Counting and documenting the numbers and types of trail users is an important aspect of our work. The result of this data collection has a tremendous impact on the future of the trail—especially as we seek funding and permits to expand the trail. A state-sponsored trail census/survey is underway on the Hammonasset section in Madison; we would welcome similar studies of trail use and demand in East Haven, Branford and Guilford.

Members of East Haven Boy Scouts Troop 401
Be Part of a Better Way
It’s often said that the success of a project like this takes a village. We are all part of the Shoreline village, and the success of the Shoreline Greenway Trail depends on people like you.

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