Call for Trail Development and Maintenance Volunteers

Trail Development and Trail Maintenance are the primary tasks of the Shoreline Greenway Trail. As such, they demand a great commitment of energy and expertise. Your help in the following areas can make our work faster and better.


Signs: working with the Trail Development Committee and the Outreach Committee, develop a consistent format, and determine best practices with regard to sign placement, height, etc. Responsibilities would include ordering signs and maintaining a supply.

Trail surface: Gather information about the various trail surfaces, compare surface options and cost analysis, and make recommendations to the Trail Development Committee.

Maps: Use your experience in Juno 3BGPS systems and/or be willing to develop expertise in order to help SGT with Trail mapping.

  • Become familiar with ARC map mapping software.
  • Use your expertise as a graphic artist to take maps generated by the system and convert them into documents accessible to the public.
  • Develop an interactive mapping system for the internet.

Develop Trail:  work with town engineers to:

  • Define trail segments and develop tracking methodology.
  • Research and develop trail building standards encompassing shoulders, substructure, crossings, grades, radius of turns.
  • Manage and track trail development activities, expenses, etc.


Trail Maintenance Director:

  • Maintain a list of members willing to work on the trail
  • Organize Trail Stewards and monitor their reports
  • Organize work parties
  • Schedule regular trail maintenance work

Trail Maintenance Team:

  • repair the trail
  • weed as necessary
  • cut and dispose of fallen branches and debris
  • rake leaves
  • clear new trail as needed

If you are interested and willing to help, please contact John Paulson at or Judith Miller at

Call for Volunteers in Branford

Would you like to have safe off-road biking and walking in Branford? Are you eager to see more trail being built? Come work on the Branford team of the Shoreline Greenway Trail, an all-volunteer organization dedicated to building a 25-mile continuous path for bicyclists, walkers and hikers on the Connecticut Shoreline from Lighthouse Point in New Haven through East Haven, Branford, and Guilford to Hammonasset Beach State Park in Madison.

The Branford team is strong, but we find that we need volunteers to help us with some specific activities. If you have interest and skills in one of the following areas, please contact Judy Miller, SGT Chair, at 203-589-8335.

Project Manager

  • Coordinate with Town Chair and Town Team to oversee development of a trail section from beginning to end.
  • Make a list of necessary land approvals and permits, and initiate and follow through on the process.
  • Maintain a record of activities.
  • Ascertain necessary funding and work with the team to provide it.

Local Publicity Leader

  • Distribute First Saturday walk cards and any other printed announcements.
  • Maintain notices on and check condition of trail head kiosks.
  • Organize events with the help of the entire team.

Fundraising Leader

  • Generate and implement ideas for fundraising to build trail with the cooperation of the entire team.

Bicycle Coordinator

  • Work with other town groups to form a bicycle collaborative that will work to make Branford a more bicycle friendly town!
  • Represent Shoreline Greenway Trail on the Bike Safety Rodeo with representatives of other town groups such as the Branford Recreation Department.

Trail Maintenance Leader needed in Branford

Branford is looking for a Trail Maintenance Leader (following is a job description). If you think you may be interested, please call Judy Miller at 203-481-3870 or email her at
Trail Maintenance Leader:
  • Maintain a list of members willing to work on the trail
  • Organize Trail Stewards and receive their reports (see below for Trail Steward job description)
  • Plan regular maintenance trail work
  • Organize work parties
  • Obtain waivers from maintenance workers
  • Make sure a first aid kit is available
What is a Trail Steward?
  • Take responsibility for one section of the Trail
  • Walk or ride the Trail section regularly
  • Pick up litter
  • Report fallen tree limbs and any other problems to the Trail Maintenance Leader
  • Check all signs are in order and report problems

SGT Project Ideas for Scouts

Madison's Eric Marsh constructed a beautiful sitting area and Trailhead sign

Madison scout Eric Marsh constructed a beautiful sitting area and Trailhead sign

Shoreline Greenway Trail Projects for Eagle Scout and Girl Scout Gold Award Seekers

SGT has identified several construction and environmental projects appropriate for earning advanced scouting status. Please contact Ginny Raff for more information.

• Eastern Trailhead Sign. We are building a parking lot that will be important and highly visible as the Eastern Trailhead for the whole trail from New Haven to Madison. A trailhead sign near the parking lot will serve many purposes including trail etiquette, map, recognition of donors and volunteers, etc. We will provide the content to be placed on the sign if a Scout will build the sign.

• Educational Signage for Water Garden. The parking lot is designed to be environmentally sensitive with a water garden to catch run-off. We are looking for a scout to research, design, and install a sign that explains what a water garden is and why it is beneficial. Our volunteers can help to guide the research and development.

Branford Boy Scouts building Birch Road Trailhead sign

Branford Boy Scouts building Birch Road Trailhead sign

• Bench and Interpretive Signage overlooking Salt Marsh. Design, construct and install an interpretive sign explaining the importance of the salt marsh, what lives there, and how it affects the environment could be placed along the trail overlooking the marsh. A bench at the same location would give people a place to relax and contemplate the beautiful marsh view.

• Birdwatching Projects. Design, construct and install an interpretive sign about shore birds and a bench overlooking an area where there are good bird watching opportunities.

• A Study of Trail Usage. Counting and documenting the numbers and types of trail users. This would have tremendous impact on the future of trail as we seek funding and permitting.

• Planting. Various areas need to be planted with native, easily maintained species to make them more attractive and to provide bird and wildlife habitat.