The Shoreline Greenway Trail is a project to build a trail and connect communities in a 25-mile corridor from East Haven to Madison, for pedestrian, bicycle and other non-motorized accessibility between and within those towns. Additionally, we strive to provide opportunities for the community to utilize these trails through programs designed to inform, educate and enhance the enjoyment and experience of this wonderful resource.

Shoreline Greenway Trail (SGT), as a nonprofit organization, is a primary advocate for the effort.

SGT is working with local citizens and businesses, governments and other advocates to make connections and build infrastructure so walkers, runners and joggers, cyclists, people in wheelchairs and others have safe, convenient access without motorized vehicles to nature and to key destinations in New Haven, East Haven, Branford, Guilford, Madison and Clinton whether for recreation, exercise, shopping or commuting.
We are motivated by concerns for the safety of pedestrians, cyclists and users of other non-motorized methods and the desire to improve public and environmental health, to boost economic vitality and enhance the quality of life throughout the Connecticut Shoreline.

What’s Happening

in your Town?

A Connected Shoreline

With an eye toward an interconnected, bike- and pedestrian-friendly Shoreline, our focus is on helping communities link neighborhoods with parks, schools, community and recreation centers, downtowns and other business districts, public transit stops and tourist destinations, as well as with other communities.

We encourage and support towns to develop solutions that are right for them—providing expertise, perspective and advocacy; serving as a conduit for funding; and helping design active-transportation facilities that encompass greenway trails, bike lanes, shared lane markings, traffic-calming and other measures based on the needs and desires of each town.

Healthy Living and Safe Biking

We also offer programs that encourage people to adopt active, healthy lifestyles, and that teach safe, courteous biking and driver awareness. Increasingly, we are working with other communities and advocacy groups in New Haven and points east of us to connect the Shoreline Greenway Trail with our region’s extensive public transportation system and network of greenways.

To date, approximately 4.7 miles of trail have been completed in three towns, with another three miles under construction. There are 1.3 miles shovel ready/under bid, 6.8 miles, under development, planning or review or in proposal. This means we’re close to 50% of the trail being realized in some form. Great message for our membership.  This is the result of a collaboration involving Shoreline residents, community leaders, regional planners, the Connecticut Department of Transportation, the Connecticut Department of Energy and Environmental Protection, the U.S. Department of Transportation, state and federal legislators, local businesses, civic groups and foundations, some 3,000 SGT members and supporters—and hundreds of volunteers.

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