Trail Etiquette

Basic Trail Rules

The trail is designed for bike and foot traffic. No motorized vehicles except wheelchairs.

Bridges will not support horses.

Leave the trail’s beauty untouched for the next user to enjoy.

Leashed dogs are welcome, but clean up after them.

Carry in, carry out! Dispose of trash and dog bags responsibly.

Be respectful of other users, regardless of their mode, speed or level of skill.

Cyclists yield to pedestrians, obey stop signs and be careful on tight curves and hills.

Do not block the trail. Listen for audible signals and allow faster travelers to pass safely.

Supervise children, especially near the road and at water crossings.

Safety Tips for Cyclists

Obey traffic signs and signals

Ride single file

Ride on the right. Motorists may not see you coming from the wrong direction

Warn bicyclists and walkers when passing

Never pass a cyclist on the right

Use hand signals when you turn or stop.

Look behind you before turning or changing lanes

Don’t turn left from a right lane

Don’t go straight in a turn-only lane

Make eye contact with drivers in your lane at stop signs and traffic lights

Look out for sewer grates, potholes, low branches, gravel, ice, sand, debris

Wear a snug-fitting helmet and bright-colored clothing

Never ride with headphones

Be Part of a Better Way
It’s often said that the success of a project like this takes a village. We are all part of the Shoreline village, and the success of the Shoreline Greenway Trail depends on people like you.

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