Incorporated 1639/Population  22,469 (as of July 2009) 

The town of Guilford was founded on September 29, 1639 following a ‘treaty of use’ signed with the friendly local native clan of the Menunkatuck tribe.  The terms of this agreement were modest but similar in value to others of this time.  The young energetic band of independent English Puritans party to this treaty had fled their homeland to form a long sought utopia of religious and civil freedom.  They remained free thinkers and chose to not align with the larger colony of New Haven and developed their own laws and constitution.

This spirit of individuality and independence survives in Guilford and can be sensed as you pass through the well-preserved town center, with its famous Green, and 17th century timber framed houses, and follow the Post Road or Route 146 near the shoreline.  The Guilford section of Shoreline Greenway Trail will connect from the tidal East River, Madison boundary to the western Stony Creek, Branford boundary.  When the route is determined, it will  traverse c. six miles across Guilford, through wooded coastal plains and  past egret-dotted salt marshes.  Going eastward from the East River boundary, the Trail will wind  through Madison to our Trail section at the much-loved State Park at Hammonassett.

Trail Information

The Town’s Board of Selectmen and Shoreline Greenway Trail Guilford Team members agreed this year to begin preparations for a nearly one-mile section of Trail funded with Federal and State grants.  Once approved, the segment will be built adjacent to Route One – and completely off the road – beginning at East River bridge on the Madison town line to Boston Street (beginning of Route 146).  The response to the proposed Trail from Guilford town leaders and the public has been very positive.  We are grateful to First Selectman Joe Mazza for his support and to Guilford Town Engineer Jim Portley, who has worked closely with Guilford Team Leader Milton Charlton on the design of the plan.  Milton has also reached out to virtually all of the eighteen private landowners in the Trail area, and all have expressed support of the Trail.

To learn about our progress with this planning, click “What’s New in Guilford”  on the SGT website right sidebar.  Look there for announcements of the future  public meeting dates to review the plan.


There are many, many important tasks associated with the Shoreline Greenway Trail, and  you can help in Guilford now! 

One longtime member of SGT, Forrest Levin, recently volunteered to research and set up this page for our website –  an example for how important every volunteer is to our progress, by helping with the myriad tasks.

There are  important behind-the-scenes  tasks to do in Guilford while we work with the Town officials to develop plans for our first section along Route One from the East River to Boston Street:

help to explore other possible Trail routes through Guilford to connect westward with Branford’s Trail section.

– help distribute SGT literature in display boxes at locations around town each month: Town Hall, Community Center, Library, businesses, stores, etc.  Max c. 4 hours/month.

– help us organize a kids’ Bike Safety Rodeo for our Guilford youth.  We’d like to hold such an event in the Spring, Summer or Fall.   We need some enthusiastic parents to help us plan it.

– help with publicity, stories for our local papers.

Call Karen at  917-442-4688 for more information


Guilford Team

Co-Chair:  Pam Bisbee-Simonds.  Contact Pam at to get involved with the SGT Guilford Team.

Co-Chair:  Milton Charlton   Milton is a retired Foreign Service Officer with experience in Europe, South America and Asia.  A lifelong outdoorsman, Milton saw the potential of the Shoreline Greenway Trail to help introduce new generations to the wonders of the outdoors, and became a member and a Board member as soon as he retired and moved to Guilford. (He has since moved to Killingworth but continues to work for safer pedestrian and cycling routes in Guilford.)

Other members of the Guilford team include Chelsea Anderson, Chip Angle, Ted Braun, Larry Dowler, Kristen D’Souza, Peter Hawes, Brad Kronstat, Mike Meisel, Jerry Meyer and Kim Schmid.

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