Volunteers are the amazing force behind Shoreline Greenway Trail. With no central office and no paid staff, we rely completely on individuals and groups to volunteer to help.   Volunteers will make our dream become reality.   Please volunteer today!

Branford Boy Scouts building Birch Road Trailhead sign


Volunteers help Shoreline Greenway Trail in every way. They clear land, build trailhead signs, pick up litter, plant native bushes, organize 1st Saturday Walks and bike rides, write news stories, distribute posters in shops, take photographs, help with fundraising, organize events, write thank you notes, pick up the mail, input data, design benches, research land options, make maps. Shoreline residents of all ages work on our trail sections or  volunteer behind the scenes.  All  our Board leaders are volunteers.

Volunteering is fun. You work alongside great people, and make new friends. You can work alone at home or with others.  You can volunteer with a group, such as a school class, a Scout troop, PTA or Newcomer’s Club;  local businesses often sponsor our activities. 

Volunteering is fulfilling.  You learn new skills, you meet new people, you have the supreme satisfaction of participating in a community effort that will leave a lasting legacy for your families and your friends, for your community.

You can volunteer as much time as you want – once or often!



1)  Fill out the SGT Volunteer Form indicating your interest and talent.  Or print out the Volunteer Form 2011 and send it to:     Shoreline Greenway Trail – Volunteer,    PO  Box 148,  Branford, CT 06405

2) Contact your SGT Town Team chair.   Check your Town’s SGT web page for more information to call or email your Town Team chair:  
East Haven Town Chair
Branford Town Chair
Guilford Town Chair
Madison Town Chair


1)  JOIN THE GREEN TEAM to work outdoors on the Trail – help build and maintain the Trail. Team members wear distinctive bright green “Green Team” t-shirts.

– be a trail builder – help with many manual labor tasks, including clearing brush, digging, cutting roots, and removing small boulders. Assist with bench and boardwalk installation.  As Trail section nears completion, plant native species as needed, identify and tag trees and plants. Bring your work gloves.  Equipment (rakes, shovels, etc) is provided.

Green Team

Our SGT graphic consultant and Green Team t-shirt designer Hans Flink ready to volunteer


– be a trail steward – help ensure that a designated Trail section is well maintained, clear and picked up on a regular basis. Supervise a crew of volunteers on the Trail.

2)  JOIN AN SGT BOARD TEAM –  FUNDRAISING TEAM  – OUTREACH TEAM  – TRAIL DEVELOPMENT TEAM: help plan and organize, develop guidelines and coordination to the four towns for consistency in all our activities.


– help promote our story on the SGT Outreach Team

  • write and submit stories to local media (press, cable TV)
  • help organize a biking event

    Photographer & Madison Team member Pat Anderson at work

    Photographer & Madison Team member Pat Anderson at work

  • organize 1st Saturday Walks
  • manage website photographs
  • manage social networking on our website.
  • take photos along the Trail.
Contact Pam Bisbee Simonds, Outreach Team chair, 203-453-2271 or info@shorelinegreenwaytrail.org
A special thanks to volunteer photographer and Madison member Pat Anderson for providing many photographs of our Trail and events.
– help  develop donors on the SGT Fundraising Team
  • visit  local businesses to support the Trail
  • help plan Capital Campaign
  • assist with Membership mailings
  • provide tax advice for donors (bequests, easements, etc.)
Contact: Chip Angle, SGT Chair, 453-6065 or  fundraising@shorelinegreenwaytrail.org
–  share a great idea – We welcome your ideas to help us increase our membership, raise money, organize an event, streamline our operations, etc.    Or, if you have a professional talent to help our operations or trail building, please call your Town Chair or a Board officer to explore.  Check contact us.

Outstanding Volunteers 2009

Thanks to our Outstanding Volunteers 2009!