Ways to Donate

Thanks to contributions from thousands of supporters, we’re building an extraordinary resource that will better connect the Shoreline for bicyclists, pedestrians, wheelchair users and others—improving safety, people’s health, the environment, the economy and the liveability of our towns.

We Need Your Support More than Ever

Become a member of the Shoreline Greenway Trail by making a tax deductible donation. Donations to Shoreline Greenway Trail make everything else possible—including major grants. The state and federal governments and more than 100 civic organizations, foundations and businesses have made significant investments in the trail because they believe in the project and because they see the great support that individual citizens like you have demonstrated.

Your financial help will enable us to work with the towns and partners to build the trail, section by section. The more we raise, the sooner the Shoreline Greenway Trail network will be finished for the enjoyment of all—including our children, grandchildren and future generations.


Please fill out the form below, then click “Submit”—you will be directed to PayPal for secure online processing of your payment via major credit card. All donations include an annual membership.

Thank you for supporting Shoreline Greenway Trail!

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A Volunteer Nonprofit with Thousands of Supporters

Shoreline Greenway Trail is a volunteer organization with no office and minimal overhead. All contributions go toward building the trail, using it to promote healthy lifestyles and generating additional support. Shoreline Greenway Trail is an IRS- approved 501(c)(3), tax-exempt organization. All donations are tax deductible to the extent provided by law. Our Federal Identification Number (EIN) is 56-2338589.


Thank You in Advance

Whether you’re a first-time donor or ongoing member, we appreciate your generosity. Every contribution, no matter how modest, helps us in countless ways—from planning, designing and building trail segments, bridges and boardwalks, to installing directional and educational signs along the trail, to providing trail maintenance, applying for major grants and so much more.


Give a Lasting Gift In Tribute

Make a contribution for a permanent structure to be installed prominently along the trail in honor of, or as a memorial to, a beloved family member or special friend. Celebrate a special occasion.

  • Bench
  • Granite mile markers
  • Trailhead sign plaque with donor and/or honoree’s name
  • Granite stone pavers
  • Bridge or boardwalk


Give a Gift of Stock

Discover the hidden value in your capital gains. Gifts of stock or other securities can sometimes be more advantageous for you than gifts of cash. If the stock has gained in value since you acquired it and you have held it long-term, you may deduct the current fair market value of the stock from your current year’s taxable income and avoid paying the capital gains.



Consider including a bequest to Shoreline Greenway Trail in your will.


Ask Your Employer to Match Your Gift

Many employers will match their employees’ gifts to worthy causes like Shoreline Greenway Trail. Check with your Human Resources department, then complete our Donor/Membership form, making sure to fill out the Matching Gift information.


Give an In-Kind Gift

Many people and businesses have helped Shoreline Greenway Trail with in-kind gifts, such as materials (stone, fabric, lumber), labor (hauling, trail contouring and installation), and services (legal, engineering, artwork, web design and professional advice). For more information, please contact info@shorelinegreenwaytrail.org.


Share Our Vision

Share our vision with any friends, associates, foundations, corporations or other potential donors who you feel would be supportive. Please contact chair@shorelinegreenwaytrail.org to discuss.

Thank you for your invaluable support!

Be Part of a Better Way
It’s often said that the success of a project like this takes a village. We are all part of the Shoreline village, and the success of the Shoreline Greenway Trail depends on people like you.

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