For Kids and Teens
The Shoreline Greenway Trail can provide lots of fun and learning for kids. In addition to providing places for short, easy hikes, we offer activities for kids of all ages: organized hikes and rides, bike-safety rodeos, field trips, educational walks, and fitness and learning programs through schools. Our longstanding relationship with Scouting—through which Scouts have cleared trail, built trailhead kiosks and done landscaping—has been integral to our success.
Here are some of the things kids can do on the trail:

Safe, Off-road Walking and Biking

The recently completed Hammonasset and Farm River State Park sections of the trail offer wonderful, roughly two-mile round trips in Madison and East Haven. By the end of 2017, the new Tabor section in Branford will make possible a nearly three-mile round trip—mostly off-road—from downtown to Stony Creek.

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Field Trips

The Shoreline Greenway Trail is a great destination for field trips and group outings for your school, Scout troop, after-school program, religious or other organization. We’re delighted to help organize hikes, host outdoor classes or plan other group activities on the trail. Email one of our town team leaders for more information:

Branford team leader

East Haven team leader

Guilford team leader

Madison team leader

Friends on the Hammonasset trail

Community Service

Helping out on the trail is a wonderful way to fulfill school or other community service commitments.


Trail clearing and cleanup can be a fun, family activity. We frequently host trail cleanup and clearing parties, and supervised kids are welcome.

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Bike Safety

We occasionally hold bike-safety rodeos and other events in partnership with area police departments to teach kids safe riding and promote bike awareness among driving adults.

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Scout Projects

Local Scouts are making great contributions to, and on, the trail. They’ve build trailhead kiosks, sitting areas, trailhead signs and gardens, and helped us clear and build trail.

We warmly welcome Scouts looking for Eagle Scout or Gold Award project ideas.

Be Part of a Better Way
It’s often said that the success of a project like this takes a village. We are all part of the Shoreline village, and the success of the Shoreline Greenway Trail depends on people like you.

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